Why Octave Holdings and Investments?

Octave is sometimes referred to as the “miracle of music”. We found this to be an inspiring message and thought it perfectly represented how we want our clients to feel…in tune and harmonious in the process of making investments.

Investing in Real Estate assets is now possible for everyone. With our dependable Harvard trained team, we vet out and seek premium assets to offer our investors. All along the way we are transparent and provide full disclosure.

Our advanced technology assists in staying updated on the data, accounting and financials, thereby providing improved analytics to our management team.


We believe we offer something very different than typical real estate investment platforms.

First, we focus solely on the commercial real estate sector – no other sectors dilute the category

Second, because we are not about rapid and risky growth, we work more intensely with our investors and are committed to understanding your investment strategy.

Third, we believe in complete transparency regarding your investment performance. Our platform gives you unsurpassed visibility to all critical data at any time.